Thomas Hiroshi Madokoro

Thomas Madokoro was born June 27, 1920 in Steveston, B.C. He spent his childhood in Steveston, Vancouver and Tofino where he started fishing at the age of 17. He continued to fish until he was 80. He also took pleasure in his beautiful gardens, betting on the horses and in the Vancouver Canucks. He loves his late wife Sachi as well as his large family. 

Updated February 2018

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Autobiography of Thomas Hiroshi Madokoro

Early life Thomas Hiroshi Madokoro was born in Steveston on June 7, 1920 to Tamezo and Hine (Ezaki) Madokoro. Tamezo had come to Canada around 1880 with his brother Rinshiro from Shimasato Wakayama ken. Both were fishermen. About two years later, the family moved to Tofino. They lived in Storm Bay with seven other families: the Mori, Morishita, M. Nakagawa and S. Nakagawa, Nakatsu, Yamada, Izumi, and Kondo families. Tamezo and Hine had five children: Yoshio (John), Yaeko (Mary), Michi (Andrew), Kuni (Frances), Nakagawa, and Hiroshi (Thomas). In the house in Storm Bay, the boys slept upstai…

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