Merton Chinen

Merton Chinen retired from the State of Hawai‘i in 2020. He believes in family and is grateful for opportunities to support and learn about cultivating relationships, healing and peace. He is involved with the Prevent Suicide Hawaii Task Force, Hawai‘i Center for Attitudinal Healing, Community of Christ Church-Kalihi Congregation, and the Hawaii Forgiveness Project.

Updated May 2021

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Kizuna 2020: Nikkei Kindness and Solidarity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Keeping Family Ties

For some of us, an unexpected side effect of COVID-19 has been the increased importance of relationships. As the epidemic progressed, keeping in touch with loved ones has proven challenging. But for Rex Ishikawa’s family, virtual gatherings have been a weekly practice for the past seven years – first via Skype and more recently by Zoom. Several years ago, Rex moved back to Käne‘ohe after living in Oklahoma for 28 years. He currently helps care for his 93-year-old father, Walter, who is still working at the airport Blind Vendors Ohana! Rex is the father of five adult ch…

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