Casey Murase

Casey Murase will be graduating from Eagle Rock High School and will attend San Diego State University next school year as a speech pathology major. Casey has always had a deep connection to Little Tokyo and has participated in many programs and events that uplift the community and educate others about Japanese American history and culture. Some of her favorite Japanese American programs and events include Kizuna leadership, service learning, and summer camp, Japanese American Optimist basketball, Nisei Week, and Nishi Girl Scouts. Some of Casey’s hobbies include: playing basketball, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.

Updated May 2021

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8th Annual Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I’ve always thought that I was in touch with my community, and with the people that belong to it. I mean, I went down there every Saturday after bachan (my grandma) picked me up from Japanese school. I even went to Japanese school to indulge myself in Japanese culture! Well, that, and my mom and bachan insisted that I go. However, it wasn’t until bachan passed away that I truly began to understand the importance of community, and appreciate the true culture of Little Tokyo. Bachan and I were always very close. Every Saturday after Japanese school, she would take me to Little Toky…

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