Madeline Parga

Madeline Parga is 19 years old and is finishing her freshman year at Cornell University. She has been writing imaginative stories since she was in the 3rd grade, and have been an avid visitor to Little Tokyo. As she continues on her college career and learns more about who she is, she thinks back fondly of Little Tokyo as it was the first place she began to form her own cultural identity.

Updated May 2019

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5th Annual Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest


Rae sat in class, back straight and pen in hand, her elbow resting comfortably on a page already filled with notes. She attentively wrote down each important detail from the presentation slides being shown. The bell rang, and everyone began to pack up their things. “Hold on students,” the teacher spoke. “You have a special writing assignment due at the start of next week. You must write about a place you visited when you were younger. A place that scared you, excited you, made you happy, made you sad… Wherever comes to mind. And discuss the way it made you feel.&rdq…

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