Kenichi “Ken” Sato

Kenichi Sato is an active member of the Nikkei community. He was a past president of the Japanese Community Service, University of Washington Nikkei Alumni Association, and Military Intelligence Service – Northwest.

Updated January 2023

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Candies Falling from the Sky

I was drafted into the U. S. Army in June 1945 from Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. After basic training in the muggy summer at Camp Wolters, Texas, I was sent to the Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS) at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. I was in the last MISLS class to graduate from Fort Snelling in June 1946.  We studied very hard in school, but the school did not prepare us emotionally or psychologically for the devastation of the landscape that we were to witness upon our arrival in Occupied Japan. As we boarded the train headed for Tokyo in the summer of 1946, the guys were r…

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