Satomi Takano Kitahara

Currently is an associate professor for the department of literature at Rio de Janeiro State University. She is also the head of the Japanese language department, as well as the coordinator of the Japan-Brazil Modern Educational Cultural Exchange Program.

A graduate of Tokyo Foreign Language College with a degree in Portuguese and Brazilian language; completed coursework for Tsukuba University’s Master’s Program in International Area Studies—Latin American Studies Course; Nippon Keidanren Ishizaka Memorial Foundation Scholarship recipient; completed coursework for Brasilia University’s Ph.D. Program for Sociology; Doctor of Sociology.

She is a founding member of the Japanese language department at Rio de Janeiro State University, as well as the Hamamatsu City High School’s international class. She has received grants for Japanese Studies from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership. She has lived in Brazil for 21 years.

Updated November 2012 

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For over fifteen years, I’ve been teaching Japanese and Japanese culture at university, and today most Brazilian students know that almost all Japanese names have meanings. At the beginning of each semester, I write my name, Satomi, in kanji and tell my students that 聡 means sabedoria (wisdom) and 美 means beleza (beauty). I was even accustomed to explaining the weighty expectations on me from my father. Names become a target of piada Brazilian people love jokes (piada), so you would see even a beautiful lady making a series of old man gag jokes or using old puns. Japanese names can al…

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