Alberto Teramoto Ohara

Alberto Teramoto is a Mexican Sansei, currently working as a dental surgeon, specializing in Orthodoncy. He is an advisor for the Department of National and International Relations in the Asociación México Japonesa A.C. (Mexico-Japan Association).

Updated September 2022

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Who is NIkkei? A Conversation with the President of The Association of NIkkei & Japanese Abroad, Mr. Katsuyuki Tanaka

At the Fifteenth National Nikkei Convention (XV Convención Nikkei), held in May of 2022 in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, I asked the following questions to the president of the Association of Nikkei & Japanese Abroad (Kaigai Nikkeijin Kyokai [海外日系人協会] - KNK), Mr. Katsuyuki Tanaka, with the purpose of updating the notion that we have concerning the Nikkei identity. Due to the passage of time, it was both interesting and necessary to understand how this has evolved to include new ideas that all those of us who have interest in the subject should be aware of and should start gradual…

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