Tracy Fugami

Tracey Fugami is the Curator of Collections and Exhibitions at the Paine Art Center in Wisconsin. She profiled Fujiko Isomura and Loren Demster for the "Traditions Transformed" issue of Nikkei Heritage .

Updated September 29, 2005

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Nikkei Heritage

Simple Instructions: Yoko Ono's Quest for Peace

“Who believes today that war can be abolished? No one, not even pacifists. We hope only (so far in vain) to stop genocide and to bring to justice those who commit gross violations of the laws of war… and to be able to stop specific wars by imposing negotiated alternatives to armed conflict.”  –Susan Sontag 1 The war with Iraq and the current political climate casts a gray pall over the possibility of a peaceful resolution in the Middle East. However, one artist comes to mind as a constant believer in and initiator of antiwar and anti-violence activism even in the…

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Nikkei Heritage

Picturing the Philippines

Today, Nikkei culture is as mobile as a newly-sown seed catching wind—any given location could be a potential homestead. The East and West coasts are like parental roots, foundations of communities in which Japanese Americans have found sustainable livelihoods. The Midwest and South populations are slowly on the rise. And the Japanese diaspora extends beyond US soil. For independent photographer Neal Oshima, planting himself in the Philippines has become more than a place of residence, it has become an inspiration. Neal Oshima grew up in New York’s vibrant art scene in the 1950s …

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