Joe Wocoski

Joe Wocoski was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1951. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Connecticut in 1973 and an MBA from the University of Hartford in 1975. Joe had a long career in Corporate Quality Assurance and was a Baldrige Examiner in 2013 and 2014. In April, 2016, Joe retired and is now a full time author. As an author, Joe is best known for his word search book series based on The King James Bible and Shakespeare Sonnets. Joe started writing down his short stories in 2015 and in April 2016, he won the Little Tokyo Short Story contest. Joe is currently working on his first science fiction and fantasy short story book, it will be published under the moniker JB Wocoski. 

Upddated September 2016

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3rd Annual Imagine Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

The Last Master of Go

In the last edition of The Rafu Shimpo newspaper it was written, “Kazuki Tsukuyomi, the Last Master of Go, lived just long enough to witness the total lunar eclipse of August 11, 2185 and then passed quietly out of existence along with the last remnants of Little Tokyo. Kazuki Tsukuyomi was 124 years old when he died. It was in this manner that the long protracted twenty year legal battle over the Japanese American National Museum came to an end. The museum was the last cultural icon left of the Japanese in Little Tokyo. Sadly, in the days that followed, the museum was emptied of all ex…

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