Interview: JERO


Enka singer in Japan. Born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. His African American grandfather married a Japanese woman.

This album introduces the following 15 clips from his interview on March 30, 2010 followed by his profile. 

1. Interest in Japan stemmed from his mother and grandmother’s stories

2. Learning Japanese traditions by observing his mother and grandmother

3. Embraces his Japanese heritage

4. Never sang Enka outside the family

5. Coming to Japan

6. Dreamed of becoming an Enka singer

7. His clothes are part of his identity

8. Hopes everyone pursues their dreams regardless of race or heritage

9. Trying to convey the meaning of the songs

10. Nikkei Sansei

11. Considers Pittsburg his home, but always wanted to live in Japan

12. Singing the way I sing 

13. “Harebutai”

14. Getting on Kohaku

15. The first concert in the United States

* Original interview clips were posted in the Discover Nikkei Interviews section.

Slides in this album 

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Video interview

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