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ハワイ メキシコ パラグアイ プログラム インタビュー ロサンゼルス カリフォルニア ウチナーンチュウ リオデジャネイロ オーラルヒストリー ディスカバー・ニッケイ プログラム 1929 1930s 1940s 1942 1942-1945 1974 2006 2007 2008 2011 2014 442nd activism activity agriculture aiko herzig yoshinaga Amache american aoi argentina arizona Arizona camps Arkansas camps army art arte artecontemporaneo artifacts artist artists arts asian Asian American movement august 2006 baking machine Baptist barracks basketball benkyodo bill shishima bingo boyle heights boy scouts brasil Brazil british columbia buddhism buddhist temple buenos aires business california camps Canada carnaval carnival centenário cherry cherry trees chicago Chicago Chicago Okinawa Kenjinkai children Children chile church civil rights cjahs classical dance clothing clothings cnaa Colorado Colorado River Relocation Center comida common ground community community collage concentration camp concentration camps conference contemporaryart cooking COPANI costumes craft crafts culture curry dance dancers dancing denver dia das meninas discover nikkei discover nikkei program DOJ doll doubleexposure Drawing the Line drink drumming drums DTL entertainment exhibition family farming festival festivals fishing flowers food fortune cookie friends GACHIMAYA games Games garden Gardena gardeners gardening gardens GIDRA gila river gil asakawa Granada hapa hawaii heart mountain Heart Mountain Relocation Center hinamatsuri historic buildings history holiday holidays hollywood how-to identity ikebana ikenobo ikenobo school of ikebana illinois immigrants immigration incarceration inmigración internment internment camps internship interview issei iwata, jack jackson park jacl janeiro de 2008 janm janm online janm-vols january 2007 japan Japan japan days Japanese japanese american Japanese American Japanese American National Museum japanese americans Japanese Americans japanese american service committee japanese bridges japanese canadians Japanese Dance japanese food japanese style buildings japanese-style garden japanophilia japantown japantowns JASC Jazz JCI jerome JPquake2011 kasato maru kata kazari kenjinkai kimono kip fulbeck kokeshi koto kyodo taiko lámparas liberdade lima Lima linda little tokyo little tokyo historic district long beach lordsburg Los Angeles los angeles, ca magazine manzanar march 1, 2008 matsuri mbt men mexico Midwest Buddhist Temple migración military MIS mitsuwa Mixed miyagi mochi multiracial music name national archives navios nci New Mexico newspaper new year new york nfpf nihonjinkai nihonmachi nikkei Nikkei Chronicles nikkei community internship NikkeiNames Nikkei Names nikkei student union nisei Nisei Week NSU obon Odori okamura okinawa okinawan ondo Ono oregon origami osechi oshogatsu oxy-littletokyo ozoni painting parade Paraguay pavilhão japonês Pearl Harbor performance peru photo activity photographs photography picnic poetry politics Portland, Oregon Poston Poston Relocation Center pre-WWII program ramen reciclaje recicle redress religion resettlement restaurant reutilisation reutilización rising stars rising stars youth leadership program sakura samurai San Diego san francisco san jose sansei santa fe santiago sao paulo sashimi school sculptures seattle sembei sendai soba sogetsu southern california Speaking Up! sports store stories students summer 2006 sushi taiko tanabata TEst tohoku tokio tokyo Topaz Torrance tradition traditions trees tsunami tule lake tutorial Uchima uchimoto uchinanchu UCLA undokai United States volunteer volunteers War Relocation Authority Washington Washington D.C. women world war, 1939-1945 World War II WRA writing workshop WWII WWII. Wyoming Youth 全米日系人博物館 帰米 2008年3月1日 教育 日本 パラグアイ日系社会 沖縄 真珠湾攻撃 移民を授業する 第2次世界大戦 鮫島等

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