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Love and Reckoning: A Meditation On Family Photos

Tamiko Nimura

In my childhood home in Roseville, California, we had a room we called “the den.” It was not the formal living room, where we had two couches, a fireplace, and a glass-topped coffee table. “The den” was a place for watching TV and listening to records from my dad’s impressive …

Writing on the Wall—Text for Resisters: A Legacy of Movement from the Japanese American Incarceration

Tamiko Nimura

It was a warm summer day in August 2022, but I could feel my feet and hands growing colder, a scratch in my throat developing. I was sitting at my youngest daughter’s desk while she was trying to sleep. My husband and oldest daughter had contracted COVID-19 and were isolating …

Sansei Granddaughters’ Journey Exhibit at Tanforan Detention Center Site

Tamiko Nimura

In 2018, five Sansei women artists traveled to Manzanar’s annual pilgrimage in order to honor their family histories of wartime incarceration. Each of them had worked with this history in some form in their wide-ranging art careers, but this journey was special. In order to chronicle their experiences, they created …

Karen Maeda Allman's Life in Punk Rock - Part 3

Tamiko Nimura

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Karen Maeda Allman's Life in Punk Rock - Part 2

Tamiko Nimura

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Karen Maeda Allman's Life in Punk Rock - Part 1

Tamiko Nimura

In the literary world, bookseller Karen Maeda Allman is widely known and respected for the bestselling authors she has brought to the Seattle area, for her advocacy for BIPOC authors, as well as for the literary prizes she has judged. I have known Karen personally for a few years now, …

Inspire Forward: Nikkei Heroes Under 30

“A Deep Collective Feeling”: Emily Akpan, Black-Nikkei Activist Hero

Tamiko Nimura

Emily Akpan is a Black-Nikkei activist living in Brooklyn, New York. She has been active in many social justice struggles, including Tsuru for Solidarity and New York Day of Remembrance. In March 2022, she was kind enough to take time to answer some questions for Discover Nikkei’s Inspire Forward: Nikkei Heroes …

Reframing Japanese American Bitterness: A Partial Chronology

Tamiko Nimura

It is February 2022, and the 80th anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066 has just passed with a groundswell of events commemorating a National Japanese American Day of Remembrance. I am grateful to have participated in a few, and proud of the Japanese American community for all of …

Tracing the Past With The Present: Yonsei Artist Lauren Iida

Tamiko Nimura

Yonsei artist Lauren Iida and I first met online years ago when I interviewed her from Cambodia. Since that conversation her arts practice has expanded and deepened, as has her entrepreneurship and mentorship—all of these factors making her career an exciting one to watch. Her beautifully evocative paper cutting artworks …

“War Did Not Break This Family”: Nancy Kyoko Oda and the Tule Lake Stockade Diary

Tamiko Nimura

In 2014, I was training to be a discussion leader for the intergenerational dialogues that are an integral part of the Tule Lake pilgrimage. In the training session with 20+ participants, we were given three minutes to introduce ourselves to each other, in pairs. I was sitting next to a …

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Tamiko Nimura is an Asian American writer living in Tacoma, Washington. Her training in literature and American ethnic studies (MA, PhD, University of Washington) prepared her to research, document, and tell the stories of people of color. She has been writing for Discover Nikkei since 2008.

Tamiko just published her first book, <em>Rosa Franklin: A Life in Health Care, Public Service, and Social Justice</em> (Washington State Legislature Oral History Program, 2020). Her second book is a co-written graphic novel, titled <em>We Hereby Refuse: Japanese American Resistance to Wartime Incarceration</em> (Chin Music Press/Wing Luke Asian Museum, forthcoming February 9, 2021). She is working on a memoir called <em>PILGRIMAGE</em>.

Nikkei interests

  • community history
  • family stories
  • festival/matsuri
  • Japanese/Nikkei food
  • Japantowns
  • taiko

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