BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20190907T000000Z DTEND:20190907T000000Z DESCRIPTION:At our Appointment Based Information Session\, learn about our upcoming Fall Semester for Pre-School\, After School\, and Saturday Classe s. You will have the opportunity to meet and speak with the Instructor! Yo u will also learn more about our school.\n\n-PRESCHOOL CLASS (Ages 3-6)\n- SATURDAY JAPANESE LANGUAGE CLASS (Ages 7-18)\n-AFTER SCHOOL JAPANESE LANGU AGE CLASS (Ages 4-10)\n**INFORMATION SESSIONS ARE FOR CHILDREN&rsquo\;S CL ASSES ONLY**\nPlease schedule a time slot for your appointment. &nbsp\;Thi s information session is a one-on-one session with the instructor\, to get to know the instructor and for the instructor to get to know you as well as your child. Appointments are only about 15-20 minutes\; 30 min max depe nding on if you have any questions for the Instructor.&nbsp\;&nbsp\; Conta ct us via Facebook (Agape Japanese Language School)\, or email (<a href="m">rina@AgapeJapaneseLanguageScho</a>) to schedule your time slot.\n\nThis is a one on one session\; to provide 100% focus on each student who are interested in learning Japan ese Language with us.&nbsp\;\n*PLENTY OF FREE PARKING AVAILABLE\n\nFaceboo k Event: <a href="">https: //</a>\n\nWebsite: <a href="https: //">h ttps:// l/</a>\n DTSTAMP:20231002T191255Z SUMMARY:Free Information Session Japanese Language School (Appointment Base d) URL:/en/events/2019/09/07/free-information-session-japanese-language-school / END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR