BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20191122T000000Z DTEND:20191122T000000Z DESCRIPTION:An east-west fusion duo from Okinawa\, Japan &ndash\; aptly nam ed&nbsp\;<strong>Okinawa Americana</strong>&nbsp\;&ndash\;&nbsp\;will be v isiting Los Angeles for a string of performances! They have generously agr eed to participate in this November 22 special mini-concert benfeit for th e restoration of Okinawa's symbolic and sacred&nbsp\;<strong>Shuri Castle 首里城</strong>&nbsp\;("Sui Gushiku" in the native Okinawan language).\ n\n<strong>NOVEMBER 22 (FRIDAY)\,&nbsp\;7:30 P.M.\n</strong>2706 W. 182nd St.\, Torrance\, CA 90504\n<em>(Fruit of the Spirit Lutheran Church\; this is a non-religious event)\n\n</em><span style="font-weight: bold\;">RESER VATION REQUIRED BY NOVEMBER 20 (<a style="font-weight: bold\;" href="https ://" target="_blank">CLICK HERE</a><span style="fo nt-weight: bold\;">)\n\n<span style="font-weight: bold\;">ADMISSION/DONATI ON:\n$10 General Public\n$5 Okinawa Association of America (OAA) members\n \nRead about the Shuri Castle fire:\n<a href=" s/2019/10/31/national/shuri-castle-fire" target="_blank">https://japantime\n\n</a>Donate online &n dash\; Hawaii United Okinawa Association:\n<a href=" /shuri-castle-fire-restoration" target="_blank"> ri-castle-fire-restoration\n\n</a>Listen to a sample of Okinawa Americana' s music:\n<a href="" target="_b lank">\n</a>(The band will have CDs and t-shirts for sale to help cover their travel expenses)\n\n---\n<s trong>\n\nMORE PERFORMANCES:\n</strong>\n<strong>Habuya Okinawa Dining on November 20\, 7:30 p.m.</strong>\n14215 Red Hill Ave\, Tustin\, CA 92780\n Dinner reservation required: (714) 832-3323\nMinimum $25 dinner charge per person\n\n<strong>Bob's Hawaiian Style Restaurant on November 23\, 6:30 p .m.</strong>\n15926 S Western Ave\, Gardena\, CA 90247\nDinner reservation required: (310) 515-2250 DTSTAMP:20230531T193117Z SUMMARY:Fusion band from Okinawa - Benefit Concert for Shuri Castle Restora tion URL:/en/events/2019/11/22/fusion-band-from-okinawa-benefit-concert-for-shu/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR