Ida Yoshinaga

Staff writer of The Hawaiʻi Herald: Hawaiʻi's Japanese American Journal, Ida Yoshinaga is media scholar who teaches film writing and ethnic studies at the University of Hawaiʻi-Mānoa. She is working on the upcoming books Uneven Futures: Lessons for Community Survival from Speculative Fiction (MIT Press, 2022), which she is co-editing with Gerry Canavan and Sean Guynes, and Transmedia Fantasy: Female Participatory Labor, the House of Mouse, and Its Lifelong Lifestyle Brand (which she is writing for the new Mass Markets: Studies in Franchise Culture series of the University of Minnesota Press).

Updated April 2021


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Like His Ancestors, Stephen Kagawa Aims to Renovate a Broken Industry

The Next Generation As he strives to leave his mark on the unpredictable, coronavirus-era business world, Nikkei financial maven Stephen Kagawa treads firmly in the footsteps of his innovative, inclusive ancestors. They were Nisei and Sansei who had built Occidental Underwriters of Hawai‘i – by combining fresh financial practices from the mainland with inclusive industry methods aimed to meet the once-impossible-to-achieve aspirational goals of Americans descending from Asian and Pacific Islander settlers in the islands. These practices and methods were provoked by both U.S.-cont…

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