El Poder de Nuestras Historias

Esta serie incluye proyectos que ayudan a preservar y compartir las historias nikkei de diversas maneras -a través de blogs, redes sociales, podcasts, arte, películas, revistas, música, mercadería y más. Al resaltar estos proyectos, nosotros esperamos difundir la importancia de preservar y compartir las historias nikkei e inspirar a otros a crear las suyas propias.

Si usted tiene un proyecto que cree que debamos presentar, o si está interesado en participar como voluntario para ayudarnos a conducir futuras entrevistas, envíenos un email a Editor@DiscoverNikkei.org.

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The Power of Persistence: Tour Manzanar with Nell Yukiye Murphy

Nell Yukiye Murphy knows the importance of keeping a significant part of Japanese American history alive and she also knows the power of persistence. That makes her a natural choice to be profiled for Discover Nikkei’s series, The Power of Our Stories. Nell has developed and produced a virtual tour of Manzanar, “Journey to Manzanar,” and thanks to her persistence, it’s now accessible to everyone. 

Nell Murphy is from Northeast Los Angeles and at 18 years of age, she’s already seen quite a bit of the world. Interviewed via email, Nell wrote, “As a kid, I traveled …

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Tsunagu: Connecting Family Stories through the Generations

I have a curiosity about my father’s family history. Why did my grandfather cross a vast ocean from Wakayama, Japan to an unknown land to seek his fortune? Why don’t we have any relatives in Japan any longer? What are the family traits that I have acquired through osmosis? My father and his brothers were not storytellers, so family lore and values were not explicitly shared with my Sansei cousins and me. Only in recent years have I had the time to interview living Nisei relatives and root around to find answers. I’ve found the exploration rewarding but also incomplete. …

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On Topaz Stories and “Authentic Voice”: A Conversation With Writer And Editor Ruth Sasaki - Part 2

Read Part 1 >>

Tamiko Nimura: As editor/curator, are there any particular segments in Topaz Stories that resonate for you?

Ruth Sasaki: There are stories that are a miracle for the recall of specific details by someone who was a young child in camp, like Jon Yatabe’s “Toy Story.” Another story, “Father and Son” by Dan Hirano, who was actually born in Topaz, grabbed me for its distinctive voice and the image that came to mind as I read it of someone in his 70s (decades later) poring over a cherished and worn photo—of himself sitting …

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On Topaz Stories and “Authentic Voice”: A Conversation With Writer And Editor Ruth Sasaki - Part 1

As a college student at UC Berkeley in the 1990s, I was searching for Sansei writers who wrote about the wartime incarceration of Japanese Americans. I was delighted to find the work of Janice Mirikitani and Ruth Sasaki. Sasaki’s book, The Loom and Other Stories, is one that I’ve kept close to my heart and on my shelf for decades now. So it was a delight to see that she had started a blog in 2015, and to see that she was editing a new project in 2020: Topaz Stories, a collection of first-person stories from camp survivors …

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La revista One Okinawa de Yoshiki Nagahama que conecta a los uchinanchus

Colonia Okinawa

El 30 de octubre de 2019 (ese día es el Día Mundial de Uchinachu) fue presentado la revista digital One Okinawa como medio de conexión entre Okinawa y el mundo Uchinachu. Entre las notas publicadas hay una entrevista de los descendientes de okinawenses de Hawaii y un reporte sobre el incendio del Castillo Shurijo ocurrido recientemente. El editor fundador es Yoshiki Nagahama que es un ex-periodista del diario Ryukyu Shimpo y reside en Okinawa.

Nagahama señala lo siguiente: Este proyecto de difusión digital lo tenía en mente desde hace algunos años atrás pero a fines de abril …

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