Toshikazu "Tosh" Okamoto

Sexo Male
Fecha de Nacimiento 1926-10-8
Lugar de Nacimiento Seattle WA, U.S.A.
Inducted 1944-3-2, Ft. Benjamin Harrison IN
Tipo de Alistamiento Draftee
Afiliación Militar Army
Tipo de servicio prestado War,peacetime
Tipo de unidad militar Combat
Unidades a las que sirvió K Company, 442nd RCT, 88th Infantry Division
Especialidad militar Mechanic, automotive
Asignado Camp Lee, VA; Aberdeen Proving Grounds; Camp Beale, CA; Fort Jackson, SC; Italy
Retirado Fort Dix NJ
Responsabilidad en la unidad Occupation force; Process German prisoners; Guard duty.
Responsabilidad individual Infantry; Automotive mechanic.
Batallas principales (si sirvió en una zona de guerra) None
Reconocimientos, medallas, menciones (individuales o de la unidad) No personal awards or citations. All unit citations of 100th/442nd RCT.
Condiciones de Vida As US Army Occupation Forces, we lived in 6-man tents with a central mess hall, which were acceptable considering the overall environment at the time.
Recuerdo más vívido de la experiencia militar The devastation of cities in Italy. The suffering by civilians. Civilians begging for food, etc. The stories from 442nd survivors, of the Japanese spirit of honor and sacrificing self for buddies or unit. The unique bond among 442nd G.I.s not found in other units.
Lo que más extraño durante su tiempo en las fuerzas armadas The uncertainty of not knowing where I was to return, as we had no home to speak of, for the family was in Heart Mountain Relocation Center.
¿En lo personal, qué obtuvo de su experiencia militar? To prove to our nation that we were loyal Americans. No other Americans encountered this situation; to have to prove beyond any doubt, whatsoever, their loyalty.
Información adicional We were initially sent to Tule Lake Relocation Center, then transferred to Heart Mountain. My father began to suffer from a heart problem in Tule Lake which I blame on the stress of evacuation. This resulted in his being disabled for the rest of his life, which still makes me very angry.

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