Takeo Susuki

Sexo Male
Fecha de Nacimiento 1920-6-2
Lugar de Nacimiento Oxnard CA, U.S.A.
Inducted 1941-10-21, Ft. McArthur CA
Tipo de Alistamiento Draftee
Afiliación Militar Army
Tipo de servicio prestado War,peacetime
Tipo de unidad militar Combat,sup
Unidades a las que sirvió 1851st Service Unit, Camp Barkeley, TX
522nd Field Artillery Battalion, 442nd RCT, Camp Shelby, MS
894th Heavy Automotive Maintenance Ordnance Co., Camp Shanks, NY
Especialidad militar Quartermaster Basic; Supply clerk; Property auditor; Administration NCO
Asignado USA - Ft. Warren, WY; Camp Barkeley, TX; Camp Shelby, MS
Europe - Italy; France; Germany
Retirado Camp McCoy WI
Responsabilidad en la unidad To keep the battalion supplied with food, clothing, ammunition, fuel, auto supplies, hardware and other necessities to keep battalion going.
Responsabilidad individual Administration of the battery by forming liaison between battery commander and enlisted men.
Batallas principales (si sirvió en una zona de guerra) Rome-Arno; Northern Appennines; Rhineland and Central Europe Campaigns.
Reconocimientos, medallas, menciones (individuales o de la unidad) American Defense Service Ribbon
European African Middle Eastern Theater Service Ribbon w/4 Battle Stars
Good Conduct Medal
Victory Medal
American Campaign
Condiciones de Vida Living conditions depended upon the situation, whether in combat or non-combat situations. Our battery, usually occupying a rear position, occupied vacant buildings or available houses, but occasionally it was necessary to set up our pup tents or even sleep in the vehicle. In the so-called Champagne Campaign, service battery occupied the beautiful winter palace of King Leopold of Belgium, Ville Franche, near Nice, France. (There for 3 months.)

Our meals were well prepared with whatever commodity were available. Our T/4 cook was a former cook at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. There were times when on the road, it was necessary to indulge in C-rations or sometimes a more restricted K-rations. One of the items missed most was rice.

There was no entertainment during combat situation. There might be occasional visits by Red Cross who would bring us coffee & snacks (doughnuts). During the Champagne - Campaign, we were able to visit Nice, France. Our place of visit would be at the Red Cross - USO Building on the ocean front for entertainment, shows, dances and snacks. We were able to visit the city of Cannes and Grasse to purchase perfume from the factory.

After VE Day, a limited number were able to visit Paris, London, Brussels, the Riviera, Konigsee. We also had visits from the Red Cross and USO group from small towns. As for example, a group came from Ventura to Baumenheim, Germany (Ventura was my home town).

Recuerdo más vívido de la experiencia militar Some interesting facts during combat in Germany;

1. Word got around that a German military base had fallen. With that news, I gathered a group of our men and found this base prior to other groups. In our process of inspecting the facilities, we came across many sacks of rice. We loaded our trucks and brought them back. We carried more rice than ammo.

2. Another situation turned up, we were informed of another base. Of course we rushed to the locality, and there, we were able to procure a large stock of fine liquor. The find was turned over to our battalion officers. We heard later that the commanding General was extremely angry to know that someone else had beat him to prized drinks.

Lo que más extraño durante su tiempo en las fuerzas armadas What we missed most was being back in the States.
¿En lo personal, qué obtuvo de su experiencia militar? The importance of my military experience concerns several thoughts:

1. To be able to serve my country of birth even though facial features are not considered as typical American. I am certain that my effort and those of other servicemen contributed heavily to the passage of redress and apology. Also through our efforts, we had a tremendous effect on ending prejudice, hatred, and making it possible for future generation of Japanese Americans to enjoy more of the American Dream than the Issei and Nisei.

2. A message to the younger generations, regardless of your American citizenship and how proud you are to be an American, just do not forget that when an emergency arises, your appearances may deceive your belief, because people have a habit of forgetting.

Información adicional I was inducted for military service on Oct. 21, 1941 from Ventura, CA, to Los Angeles, CA and on to Ft. McArthur, CA. While at Ft. McArthur, we were given an option to remain as a selective service draftee or we could take a pay hike beginning at $30 a month as a private. I took the option for the increased pay, but it meant staying in the service for 3 years in the regular army and not realizing, at the time, that my total time would exceed 36 months. On Oct. 23 I was discharged from selective service and placed in Regular Army Service. Although they changed my Army status they never changed my selective service number and I remained that way all through 49 plus months in the service.


It would have been appropriate if the whole 442nd RCT returned home as a unit and paraded before Harry Truman, President of the United States, to receive the presidential citation and not just the 442nd Infantry Regiment.

I realized that the cadre of the 522nd FA Bn were mostly pre-war inductees and according to the point system all became eligible to return home for discharge.

On my return home, I was assigned as 1st Sgt. of the 894th Heavy Automotive Maintenance Ordnance Co. at Camp Shanks, NY.

See Takeo Susuki folder for additional information from news article titled 'Japanese-American continued to fight battle after WWII' by Frank Moraga and article on the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion. Ask librarian to see folder.

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