George Takizawa

Sexo Male
Fecha de Nacimiento 1920-5-29
Lugar de Nacimiento Mineral WA, U.S.A.
Inducted 1942-3-15, Ft. Lewis WA
Tipo de Alistamiento Draftee
Afiliación Militar Army
Tipo de servicio prestado War
Tipo de unidad militar Combat
Unidades a las que sirvió Co. I, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
Especialidad militar Stock clerk; rifleman
Asignado USA: Washington, Arkansas, Indiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Maryland, Texas
Other Countries: Italy, France
Retirado Ft. Sam Houston TX
Responsabilidad en la unidad In the states we were attached to the Quartermaster unit. Overseas our object was Liberation of Bruyeres, Biffontaine; Rescue of the Lost Battalion.
Responsabilidad individual Rifleman, Scout
Batallas principales (si sirvió en una zona de guerra) Liberation of Bruyeres; Biffontaine; Rescue of the Lost Battalion
Reconocimientos, medallas, menciones (individuales o de la unidad) American Theater Campaign
EAME Campaign w/1 Bronze Star
Good Conduct Medal
Purple Heart
Victory Ribbon
Distinguished Unit Badge
Bronze Star Medal
Condiciones de Vida Living condition oversea was at a minimum. Bivouacked in pup tents. In combat, we slept anyplace where we could find cover from ground fire and shell burst. Fox-holes were filled with water. I had no time for entertainment.
Recuerdo más vívido de la experiencia militar War is hell - better to forget than trying to remember.
Lo que más extraño durante su tiempo en las fuerzas armadas A good home cooked meal. News from home.
¿En lo personal, qué obtuvo de su experiencia militar? To be able to prove our loyalty regardless of flagrant violation of our civil rights.

I hope the younger generation will carry on where we left off and fight the discrimination which still exist.

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