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Celebration of International Nikkei Day in Brazil

Henrique Minatogawa

International Nikkei Day is celebrated on June 20th. This year, due to the world situation, the celebrations took place in other formats.

Uchinaguchi classes preserves culture and reinforces Okinawa identity in Sao Paulo

Henrique Minatogawa

Okinawa culture marks its presence in Sao Paulo city, Brazil, through activities and events organized by the local associations. Music, dance, and cooking are the main elements used to promote it.

The Road to the Olympic Games

Henrique Minatogawa

Never Give Up: Jessica Yamada

The work of two multicultural Nikkei tattoo artists

Henrique Minatogawa

From about 10 years ago, tattoo has been gaining another status in Brazil. Previously, the common peception was that only gangsters had them. Today, people of various professions and backgrounds carry on the body what is increasingly accepted as a “work of art”.

Little Changes in Family Celebrations

Henrique Minatogawa

We know that many Japanese came to Brazil over 100 years ago. They brought their culture with them, which their descendants preserve, but at the same time, it has evolved over time. One part of this culture’s customs is the celebrations. So, I talked with two professionals who work in …

The Shogi Challenge in Brazil

Henrique Minatogawa

Pawn, tower, horse, bishop, and king, in Brazil, these names refer to chess pieces. Not that chess is extremely popular in this country it is only that many people have at least some knowledge of its basic rules. The expression "checkmate" for example, is used in various everyday situations. I …

Nikkei LGBT talk about prejudice and acceptance - Part 2

Henrique Minatogawa

Read Part 1 >> 

Nikkei LGBT Talk About Prejudice and Acceptance - Part 1

Henrique Minatogawa

According to the 2010 census conducted by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), there are approximately 190 million people living in Brazil. Of these, approximately 1.5 million are Japanese or descendants of Japanese, or less than 1% of the country’s population, according to data from Japan’s Ministry of Foreign …

Nikkei Pastry Chef Spreads Yogashi in Brazil

Henrique Minatogawa

Many people in Brazil tend to assume that Nikkei are interested exclusively in Japanese culture. If a Nikkei is keen on sports, the sport must be karate; if s/he likes music, it must be enka; if s/he draws, it must be manga. While these assumptions may occasionally be true, they …

Japanese Grocery Stores: An Appreciation

Henrique Minatogawa

Some years ago, I worked in a publishing house in São Paulo’s Vila Mariana district. Nearby, there was a Japanese grocery store, where I would go to buy a bento at lunchtime.

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Sou descendente de terceira geração (sansei). Frequento muitos eventos da comunidade nipo-brasileira e gostaria de saber como vivem os nikkeis de outras partes do mundo. Muito obrigado.

I am third generation Nikkei (sansei), from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I work very close to the Nipo-Brazilian community, so I would like to know how the Nikkeis from other parts of the worlds live. Thank you.

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