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My Oshogatsu 2007



I LOVE good tsukemono. I grew up eating ochazuke at the end of pretty much every dinner growing up (we always had rice with dinner, regardless of what was served...spaghetti and rice).

To clean up our bowl, we would pour our ocha (tea) over what was left in our chawan (rice bowl) and wolf it down with whatever tsukemono was on the table.

I loved summertime because my dad used to grow a lot of kyuri (cucumbers) & nasubi (Japanese eggplant) which my mom would make into tsukemono along with nappa and sometimes cabbage.

Most of my second and third helpings on New Year's Day was for more of the nappa, kyuri, and takuan tsukemono pictured here. It was goooooood!!


Based on this original

Oshogatsu foods - assorted tsukemono
uploaded by vkm
There were nappa, rakkyo, kyuri (cucumber), two kinds of takuan, and the pink one (I forget what it's made of). More »

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