Ralph Hiroshi Nishimi

性別 Male
生年月日 1929-6-3
出生地 Los Angeles CA, U.S.A.
入隊した年 1952-2-1,
入隊のタイプ Draftee
所属・部署 Army
兵役のタイプ War
所属部隊のタイプ Support
所属部隊 1279th Engineer Combat Battalion
特殊技能 Cartographer (Was assigned to this task due to my experience, working 2 summers with the US Geological Service as a draftsman)
最終目標 Ft. Belvoir, VA; Herchst, Germany (near Frankfurt)
除隊した年 Fort Ord CA
所属部隊の役割 Reconnaissance of roadways, bridges and culverts in the area around US-occupied Germany in 1953. (Intelligence section)
所属部隊での個人的役割 Drew maps, schematics, etc., of bridges and culverts for possible future demolition information if such was deemed necessary, after personal on-site inspection
生活状況 Slept in permanent dormitory-like facility with common bathrooms. Meals taken in a mess hall. Entertainment entailed weekend passes into Frankfurt or travel to see surrounding area. Part of my overseas time was spent playing baseball with the battalion team traveling throughout US-occupied Germany
軍隊生活で最も記憶に残っている出来事 Played baseball with the Battalion team and traveled all over US-occupied Germany for about 4-5 months.
軍隊にいる間、最も懐かしかったもの Gohan

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