BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20160919T000000Z DTEND:20170102T000000Z DESCRIPTION:SculptureCenter is pleased to present&nbsp\;<strong>Aki Sasamot o's</strong>&nbsp\;first solo exhibition in a U.S. museum. Working at the intersection of performance and sculpture\, Sasamoto creates object scenar ios out of narratives and actions. For her exhibition in SculptureCenter's lower level galleries\, Sasamoto will create a new body of work in relati on to the site.&nbsp\;\nThe dung beetle resourcefully rolls its home and f ood into one mobile unit\, an activity that operates as a starting point f or Sasamoto's exhibition. Featuring new sculptural units that similarly ro ll through the space\, once activated by Sasamoto these units become rotat ing sites that explore neuroses around cleanliness and filth. Rotation rea ppears in an installation of washing and drying machines modified and peri odically used by the artist in her performances. The exhibition also inclu des a new video and other sculptures that touch on "base" elements and rep ression.&nbsp\;\nA cycle of performances articulating the stream of consci ousness and associations between the various elements&mdash\;such as the w ashing machines\, bed sheets\, and mobile units&mdash\;that Sasamoto has i ncorporated in her sculptures is scheduled for the following dates:&nbsp\; \nSunday\, September 18\, 4:30: SOLD OUT\nSaturday\, September 24\, 3pm: S OLD OUT\nSaturday\, October 8\, 3pm: SOLD OUT\nSaturday\, October 22\, 3pm : SOLD OUT\nSaturday\, November 19\, 3pm: SOLD OUT\nSaturday\, December 17 \, 3pm: SOLD OUT\nPlease contact&nbsp\;<a href="mailto:info@sculpture-cent"></a>&nbsp\;to be added to the wait list.\ n<strong>Aki Sasamoto</strong>&nbsp\;(born 1980 in Kanagawa\, Japan. Lives and works in New York) has been included in group exhibitions such as<em> Roppongi Crossing 2013: Out of Doubt</em>&nbsp\;at the Mori Art Museum\, T okyo\, Japan (2013)\;&nbsp\;<em>A Spoken Word Exhibition</em>&nbsp\;at Jeu de Paume\, Paris\, France (2013)\;&nbsp\;<em>A LIKENESS HAS BLISTERS</em> &nbsp\;at CCS Bard Hessel Museum\, Annandale-on-Hudson\, NY (2012)\; and t he&nbsp\;<em>Whitney Biennial</em>\, Whitney Museum of American Art\, New York (2010). Recent performances include&nbsp\;<em>Food Rental</em>&nbsp\; at the High Line\, New York (2015)\;&nbsp\;<em>Wrong Happy Hour/The Last C all</em>&nbsp\;at Parasophia\, Japan (2015)\; and&nbsp\;<em>Sunny in the F urnace</em>&nbsp\;at The Kitchen\, New York (2014).&nbsp\;\nThe exhibition is curated by SculptureCenter Curator&nbsp\;<strong>Ruba Katrib</strong>& nbsp\;and will be accompanied by a fully illustrated publication with text s by Katrib and&nbsp\;<strong>Jody Graf</strong>\, a New York-based writer and curator\, with a contribution by Sasamoto.&nbsp\;\nhttp://www.sculptu DTSTAMP:20231205T221059Z SUMMARY:Aki Sasamoto: Delicate Cycle URL:/en/events/2016/09/19/aki-sasamoto-delicate-cycle/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR