Chiana Fujiwara

Chiana Fujiwara is a 17-year-old Gosei, currently at Redondo Union High School—class of 2023. Through taking US History in her junior year, she had developed a much deeper interest in not only history, but in particular, Japanese American/her own family history as well. Aside from trying to expand her knowledge of her own history and culture, Chiana has a great passion for psychology and hopes to further continue her psychology studies in college.

Updated September 2022

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Harry Manaka: Crystalizing the Sansei Rocker Scene

The late 1960s until the early 1980s...what comes to mind? Perhaps the movies of the era are some of your favorite films of all time, or the rising activist movements of the ’70s are deeply engraved into your mind. One of the most popular responses would almost certainly be the music; Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones are still highly well known to this day. But was everyone aware of the small but strong Sansei rocker scene of the time? Harry Manaka strives to reflect on the Rocker nostalgia as well as bring greater awareness to the era with his book, Chronicles of …

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Crônicas Nikkeis #11—Itadakimasu 3! A Comida, Família e Comunidade Nikkei

Tree of Lemon

Before the current tree came into bloom, its predecessor was flourishing elsewhere long before. The predecessor's keepers, a large Sansei sharecropper family, had to make the best of what they grew while still hoping to remain true to their ancestral roots. They were residing in shacks on other peoples’ land, then to a small barrack across the country barely capable of keeping itself intact, and soon back to a new shack as tiny as ever. Feeding the family a dinner agreeable to everyone was a seemingly never-ending struggle. Over time, however, the most perfect formula was crafted: lemo…

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