David Sato

David Sato is a Sansei born and raised in Southern California. His father was a General Practitioner in Little Tokyo. His mother was raised in Hawaii and married his father just prior to being shipped to the camps in 1942. Sato felt fortunate in his opportunity to become a cardiologist in Burbank, where he practiced for 36 years. He now runs a Multi-specialty Medical Group for Providence Health and Services.

Updated August 2022

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Crônicas Nikkeis #11—Itadakimasu 3! A Comida, Família e Comunidade Nikkei


I grew up in an essentially white community. My exposure to Japanese culture was limited to my parents, as my friends and community were not Japanese. Growing up in the 60’s, I was admonished to assimilate and not to be different.   What did maintain my link to Japanese culture was food. Growing up, I remember my mother, Irene, cooking a lot of Japanese dishes, most from memory without measuring ingredients. She cooked many Japanese and Hawaiian dishes: tonkatsu, hot rice with a raw egg and soy sauce, sweet and sour pork or chicken, and fried Japanese eggplant. One of those…

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