Tatsuo Hataye

Sexo Male
Birth date 1914-6-26
Local de nascimento , U.S.A.
Inducted 1941-3-3, San Pedro CA
Tipo de alistamento Draftee
Ramo das Forças Armadas Army
Tipo de serviço Peacetime
Tipo de Unidade Support
Unidades onde serviu Dodd Field, Ft. Sam Houston, TX - Induction Center
Military specialty Truck Driver
Stationed U.S.A.
Separated Ft Sam Houston, Texas TX
Unit responsibility Induction center
Personal responsibility Driver for personnel, new inductees, supplies, etc.
Living conditions Slept in barracks. Bathed in shower stalls. Ate in mess hall. Bowled and drank beer for entertainment.
Most vivid memory of military experience Thoughts of family and girl-friend in internment camp.
Missed most whilst in the military Japanese food.
Most important thing, personally, to come from military experience? That I was not shipped to Japan to fight - as my kid sister was there. Also, as a Kibei, there was an added pressure to keep up as well as the Nisei.

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