Kara Yokoyama

She is Gosei, actively volunteers with Nisei Week and other organizations around Little Tokyo. She is pursuing a career in Biology in hopes of focusing on neurodegenerative diseases and regenerative therapies.

Updated July 2022

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Papa Doesn’t Smile Anymore

I remember when my grandpa had a garden full of hibiscus, plumeria and many other various flowers. He always put the flowers in my hair, and he always said I looked like a little Hawaiian girl, where he was from. I called my grandpa, “Papa.” Papa was also a great cook. All he had to do was taste something from a restaurant, and he could recreate it. He was the same with music. He bought a keyboard just to have fun with it, but soon enough he was playing and singing a whole song. He made it look so easy, so I tried to do it myself. It was harder than I thought. That was what P...

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