Kyle Sadler

Kyle Sadler is Filipino, Korean, Afro-Indigenous by birth, but culturally Japanese American by adoption. After attending CSULB, he went on to art dept. work in film, years as a childcare teacher/teen counselor, and nonprofit work as a board member for the San Gabriel Valley LGBTQ Center and SGV Pride Festival. Currently, he is his grandpa’s caregiver since the start of the pandemic. He identifies as an amateur AMC A-list critic and Slytherin who denounces the author. As an antagonistic, queer, millennial, Jobu Tupaki really resonated with him.

Updated July 2022

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George Mayeda Celebrates 100th Birthday

George Mayeda celebrated his 100th birthday this year. He was born in Riverside on June 13, 1922, one of eventually five siblings. His father and mother had come to California from Japan. His father worked as a foreman in a packing house for produce and a pool hall during the off-season. At five or six years old, he and his older brother Tom went to Japan for several years to live with their uncle while the family focused on work, gardening in the Hollywood area and taking care of their siblings Tane and Sam. When the brothers returned, their new brother Shoji had been born, and the family…

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